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Well, have we got a doozie coming up.
Here's a couple of questions for you:
How do Victoria police make a criminal out of an innocent man?
Do you trust the Victoria Police?
Do you believe you are protected by the constitution of Australia or the government against intimidation by Victoria police?
Do you think that when the Victoria police royally cock up that you should, at very least, be given an explanation? You won't get it!
From the police chief commissioner, to the police minister, to IBAC, to the police conduct unit, you will find they will closed ranks and you will only get the royal run around.

Watch this space because here comes a story that will make you doubt any feeling of trust you may have,or had, toward the Victoria police, the supposed protectors of the public when they are, in this case, actually the
agressors of the public and protected to be so.
The police commissioner seems to do exactly what he likes without giving an explanation or having to account for his actions, even the Victorian government have, apparently, no say in what he does. In fact, i'd go as far to say that Victoria is a full blown police state.


Here's the basics: I was witness to, but not the perpetrator of, a crime and, for that priviledge, I have
been targeted, coerced, slandered, lied to, intimidated and threatened by Victoria police.
They even came all the way from Melbourne to our home in Northern NSW in order to pursue me - again - after 28 years.


I will also reveal my own criminal career, the one
that even the Victoria police don't yet know about.

It should make interesting reading.

So we've got this 110 kilo cop, probably tooled up to the eyeballs, and here's me, a peaceful bloke to start with,
haven't done anything wrong, 63 years of age, 68 kilo, a chronic bad back, dodgy knees, a suss prostate and this Victorian cop,
Detective Nigel Freebairn, (backed up by fellow police thug, Detective Angela Proietto) comes out with.

"We can get really heavy if we need to". My hero!

Add to that the stone walling and passing the buck by the police commissioner, a complete lack of
public service from this section of the public service, covering up the facts, accusations and denial.

When the shit starts to hit the fan, full details will be posted right here and on facebook.

And now you can see all our shenanigans on Facebook.

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Tweed Shire Rates Rort.
They may be operating within the letter of the law but what is happening isn't right.
At a time when all busines is down and people are doing it tough Tweed Shire, State
and federal government are lining their own nests very warmly - thank you very much.
My view is coming - in full.

Click here to see some email contact from residents.

Letters are coming.

The Tony Abbott Julia Gillard Coilition

It kind of seems that way to me. Tony Abbott is in fierce
opposition to the government - until it comes to huge pay
rise time - then, in my opinion, he sold out

Check the My View


Tweed Shire Council.
Public Service or Secret Service?
This was brought about by a recent, (and still going) incident caused by the
inappropriate behaviour of a Tweed Shire council ranger. It highlighs the arrogence
of local council to "stone wall' people making a complaint and to what I believe
amounts to a closing of ranks to cover up the incident. I find it really interesting - if a little disturbing.

My View

It seems to me that our politicians really
do take the electorate for suckers
I am talking more particularly about Julia Gillard and Bob Brown
and, while I don't like getting all political, with what I see happening
being just so much nonsense, I cannot help myself.

My view


Our desperate government
All our governements are desperate for cash.

Why is that?

My view.


Carbon Tax for Climate change - fact or government con?
How much do you really know about C02?
Want to learn something?

Check this


I just can't help thinking that we are being
done by Julia Gillard and her Carbon Tax.

My View.


And now we have Laura Dekker, 13 years old.

Bloody wonderful!

This just had to happen, what next, 12, 11?
Exactly when is too young?

My view

Well, it looks like Abby Sunderland,
another teenage would
be around
the world sailor, is in trouble
in the Southern Ocean.

My view - for what it's worth.

Jessica Watson is back.
Congratulations to Jessica for successfully completing a global circumnavigation.
The press have certainly put a negative slant on some of my comments
they have been addressed by my "Official view".
Whichever way you toss it, Jessica pulled all the strings to get Ella
around the world and all credit must go to her for that but the
Southern Ocean gods were very kind to her, she was very, very lucky.
My View

See News and views for more info'.

Jessica Watson on Ella's Pink Lady has had a collision with a
bulk carrier - and hasn't that stirred up the knockers pot.
My view.

Keep watching the "Stern Locker".
nything" marine could crop up there.

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