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Welcome to the ever changing
world of PWT

Come on, roll up, the cruising season is
coming in fast and here's a couple of ex
racing sails for a 38' Farr or similar.
Check below or see details in The "Stern Locker"

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At PWT we are sailors as well as equipment suppliers.
Check out the Farrier F-36 being built right here.

The F-36 shown is not the one being built here.

Tweed Shire Rates Rort.
They may be operating within the letter of the law but what is happening isn't right.
At a time when all busines is down and people are doing it tough Tweed Shire, State
and federal government are lining their own nests very warmly - thank you very much.
My view is coming - in full.

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Ampair wind and water turbines are here.

PWT are the Australian Distributor for Ampair high quality
Marine grade turbines and they are in in stock right now.

A100 - A300 - A600 - A600 Grid connect.
And the Ampair 6000 is coming.

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Ampair Pacific 100...............Ampair Pacific 300............................Ampair 600

"Quietly Storm Proof"
Made in England

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Ampair 300 regulator

Now comes with 25 amp solar input or as a wind only controller.
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There's a bit of good gear in the Bargain Box and Stern Locker.
Ampair 300 - 24 volt.
Ampair 100 - 24 volt.
Aquair 100 - 12 volt.

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The Tony Abbott Julia Gillard Coilition

It kind of seems that way to me. Tony Abbott is in fierce opposition to the government - until it comes to huge pay
rise time - then, in my opinion, he sold out

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Tweed Shire Council.
Public Service or Secret Service?
This was brought about by a recent, (and still going) incident caused by the
inappropriate behaviour of a Tweed Shire council ranger. It highlighs the arrogence
of local council to "stone wall' people making a complaint and to what I believe
amounts to a closing of ranks to cover up the incident. I find it really interesting - if a little disturbing.

My View

It seems to me that our politicians really
do take the electorate for suckers
I am talking more particularly about Julia Gillard and Bob Brown
and, while I don't like getting all political, with what I see happening
being just so mush nonsense, I cannot help myself.

My view


Our desperate government
All our governements are desperate for cash.

Why is that?

My view.


Carbon Tax for Climate change - fact or government con?
How much do you really know about C02?
Want to learn something?

Check this


I just can't help thinking that we are being
done by Julia Gillard and her Carbon Tax.

My View.


And now we have Laura Dekker, 13 years old.

Bloody wonderful!

This just had to happen, what next, 12, 11?
Exactly when is too young?

My view

Well, it looks like Abby Sunderland,
another teenage would
be around
the world sailor, is in trouble
in the Southern Ocean.

My view - for what it's worth.

Jessica Watson is back.
Congratulations to Jessica for successfully completing a global circumnavigation.
The press have certainly put a negative slant on some of my comments
they have been addressed by my "Official view".
Whichever way you toss it, Jessica pulled all the strings to get Ella
around the world and all credit must go to her for that but the
Southern Ocean gods were very kind to her, she was very, very lucky.
My View

Rutland 913 Wind Charger.
See News and views for more info'.

Rutland has been around for many years and have built
a name for themselves as a rugged and reliable wind charger and the first choice of the serious ocean cruiser.

Jessica Watson on Ella's Pink Lady has had a collision with a
bulk carrier - and hasn't that stirred up the knockers pot.
My view.


PWT no longer deals with Southwest Windpower products.

See "News and Views" for more details


Keep watching the "Stern Locker".
nything" marine could crop up there.

Racer Cruiser, 33'.
A fast and competitive boat in excellent condition.
f you are looking for some economy racing or fast
cruising or both, check out


The much loved FOURLOVE is for sale


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